Our Team

We offer turn-key solutions for our customers, including complete installation services. Our installation team possesses extensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction experience with a focus on doing what we say we will do, on time, and within budget. We also focus on keeping our customers informed every step of the way to plant commissioning. Our experience ensures that we serve our customers with proven and effective engineering solutions, equipment, and facility integration, supporting the most challenging scopes and project timelines.

Our team, possessing decades of experience, provides exceptional value for completion of your power generation project, with a constant focus on quality, timeliness and safety.
Engineering studies
Preliminary engineering services
Detailed engineering and plant design
Interconnection and permitting
Construction and installation
On-site support
Equipment supply and integration
Construction management
Installation and Commissioning support
Performance testing
Maintenance & support

Our Value

Management: Proven customer-centric processes and procedures with a lengthy track record of meeting or exceeding deadlines, within or below budget , and with an unprecedented safety record.
Experience: Decades of experience engineering power plant installations and managing carefully selected engineering and construction sub-contractors
Speed/Responsiveness: Engineering cycle times that meet or exceed customer expectations while providing seamless infrastructure integration
Quality Control: Proven supplier base that meets contracted delivery dates with quality product

Saving resources through the highest possible efficiency!

Steam generation and emission-free district heating are important components of power plant technology for an efficient production of energy. Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners also contributes to the growing demand for steam and hot water generating installations. Apart from turnkey boiler houses, Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners is in the position to supply upgrades for existing plants as well as renovation and refitting of plant sections - as specifically required by the customer.
The boiler is the first component of each hot water-, steam- and energy generation process. The boiler house mainly consists of the boiler with flue gas duct and chimney as well as the primary and secondary water circuit. Water treatment plays a major role as well. Highest efficiencies can be achieved through optimizing design of the boiler plant in regards to fuel type and operational mode. Low losses during energy conversion in combination with the highest possible heating (furnace) efficiencies provide an economical and ecological operation with state-of-the-art-technologies.
In water treatment and the water circuit guiding the supply of Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners includes the treatment of surface water or well water as cooling water to the boiler feed water treatment and the generation of ultra-pure water for the semiconductor industry. Thereby all marketable processes and – if required – customer-specific applications are conceptually considered.

Advantages of Turnkey Boiler Houses by Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners – boilers are designed according to your requested burning material:

Design based on burning material, medium and mode of operation.
Adaptation of the boiler to the plant in respect of heat circulation, environmental compliances and construction conditions.
Dimensioning and choice of quality materials according to thermal and other stresses. Constructive layout considering the highest possible elasticity for absorption of thermal stress.
Maximum heat exploitation by water-cooling of parts in contact with flue gas and reduction of radiation losses to a minimum.
Flue gas overpressure operation and dimensioning of fire tube aligned to the heating conditions lead to perfect burning and thus to the highest possible heating efficiency.
Low loss factors in combination with a low self-energy demand and operation promoted by the latest state-of-the-art technology. Robust and economic construction.

Water Treatment

Due to heating or water evaporation in the boiler, salts contained in natural water may increase, and depending on their nature (iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, sodium, etc.) they can cause various different malfunctions or damages. Corrosion is one of the effects on the boiler when using untreated water. Another disadvantageous effect is sedimentation of enriched salts on the pipe and boiler walls. Thermal conduction is therewith reduced and boiler efficiency decreases drastically.
Also the material installed in the plant is subjected to more stress and wear. As a result, one risks extremely shortening the boiler´s working life and thus high repair and maintenance costs together with necessary new reinvestment costs. In order to avoid this damage, there is no way round the integration of a water treatment plant designed for its special field of application. Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners offers alternatives for all kinds of applications.

Our purpose is to harness natural energy resources for human benefit in the regions where the Company long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress and ensure the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources to ensure the stability and long-term growth of the business, transforming Allianz Nefteprodukt into a leading global energy company. Being a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons on the international energy market.
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what client's say ?

Collaborating with Allianz Nefteprodukt means working with some of most efficient and organized marketers in the industry. Their flexibility and quick turnaround makes them a highly valued partner. Allianz Nefteprodukt has been a great partner to us. They are always open for bold trials and suggestions, be it new models, geos or offers. Being so open minded and keeping us in line with their strategy has allowed us to be significant pillars to each other’s growth.