Metals and by products

Thanks to its unique metallurgical flowsheet, Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining processes a broad range of complex precious metals, lead, copper and nickel bearing materials from a variety of worldwide sources. Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining has the capability to comply with new sources of precious metals bearing materials. We process by-products from:

copper industry
lead industry
mining industry
PM / PGM refineries
zinc industry

Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining is one of the world's major processors of by-products from the non-ferrous industry. Among others, these industrial by-products include: dross, PM-containing slag, matte, flue dust, hydrometallurgical residue, filtercake, tankhouse slimes and copper cement.

Copper industry

Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining offers its PM-refining services to many copper smelters worldwide.

Typically Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners can process:

anode slimes, a complex combination of precious metals and impurities as Sb, Bi, As, Sn flue dust containing precious metals. This product typically originates from processes treating anode slimes PM-containing (doré) slags originating from the pyrometallurgical processing of anode slimes PM-containing residues originating from the hydrometallurgical treatment of anode slimes or from refining processes further down the flow of PM-refining.

All these products are processed at Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners using its unique capabilities to refine these complex products guaranteeing excellent recoveries of the precious metals.

Lead industry

Among the many products originating from lead industry, Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining processes:

speiss (a complex combination of any of the elements Pb, Cu, Ni, As, Sb and Sn)
precious metals containing doré slags
flue dusts
residues with typical metal value
In primary lead industry the impurities contained in the concentrates typically report to various intermediate streams.

Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners provides a service of impurity management for many lead smelters in the world. By treating several of the intermediates generated by the lead smelter, Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners can render value to these intermediates for the smelter and in the same time service the impurity management of the smelter. In secondary lead smelting the number intermediates is less significant. Umicore can act for secondary smelter as an outlet for their copper in the form of dross or matte.

Mining industry

Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners Precious Metals Refining has the capability to process complex concentrates while guaranteeing excellent recoveries on payable metals such as Ag, Au, Cu and Pb.

Among others we process:

complex concentrates that contain a combination of elements that would be difficult to process by conventional means.
Any combination of Pb, Cu, Ag and Au combined with impurity levels that go beyond conventional boundaries, can be processed.
Pb-concentrates with high levels of precious metals
Pb-concentrates with high impurity levels

by-products from mining operations such as:

gold on carbon
precious metal residues


The company Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners has the unique capability to efficiently recover precious metals from all kinds of intermediates generated in primary industry and processing industry. These intermediates can originate from primary or from secondary metals processing, out of internal or of side-stream circuits. The manufacturing industry using metals in their process can also generate intermediates that contain valuable precious metals content.

In most cases these intermadiates are characterized by a precious metals content linked with presence of Cu, Pb and Ni and where impurities like Sn, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, As and others may be present. Whichever be their physical aspect (e.g. dry metallic powder, flue dusts, ashes, lumps, sludge, metallic scraps or bullions, slags, solutions, bricks, etc), our sampling expertise brings the strength of its most reliable procedures, while our flowsheet provides the benefit of economies of scale, of sound valuable metals’ recovery, despite recyclables often complex composition.

Some examples:

filer cake from water treatment units
depleted slags
PM-residues yielded by internal pre-treatment and/or recovery of precious metals
production scraps such as electrical contacts, spent targets
bullions concentrating Sn-Pb-Sb and Ag
HG-bullions from recovery circuits
many others

Zinc industry

Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners Precious Metals Refining offers valuable recovery services to the zinc industry. Typically, primary the zinc industry is concentrating their valuable ‘minor-metals’ such as Ag, Pb and Cu into saleable by-products. These by-products from the zinc industry are globally sourced by Allianz Nefteproduct and its partners to recover the valuable metals.

Typical products from the zinc industry are:

leadsulphate: a product containing important amounts of Pb and Ag
copper cement: acting as the outlet for Cu from a Zn-refinery flowsheet
silver concentrate: this material can be generated to valorise the Ag contained in a Zn-plant
drosses and skimmings: originating from the remelting of anodes in a Zn-plant

Our purpose is to harness natural energy resources for human benefit in the regions where the Company long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress and ensure the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources to ensure the stability and long-term growth of the business, transforming Allianz Nefteprodukt into a leading global energy company. Being a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons on the international energy market.
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Collaborating with Allianz Nefteprodukt means working with some of most efficient and organized marketers in the industry. Their flexibility and quick turnaround makes them a highly valued partner. Allianz Nefteprodukt has been a great partner to us. They are always open for bold trials and suggestions, be it new models, geos or offers. Being so open minded and keeping us in line with their strategy has allowed us to be significant pillars to each other’s growth.