Corporate Policy

Business Excellence as a strategic vehicle for improvement

Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners strives for business excellence in all processes, products and services. Based on customer requirements and expectations, dedicated and competent employees continuously improve the quality of our services, through the quality of our processes. Through a clear understanding of all customer needs and expectations, we develop partnerships, allowing us to deliver a complete and distinctive service.

Our quality approach focuses on:

The deployment of our management system emphasizes management, execution and control of all operational and supporting processes. This is formalized in an integrated ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification. The second and more important domain is about sustainable development based on continuous and breakthrough improvement. To manage this we use the EFQM model. This model balances all aspects of good management within the company and with the most important stakeholders: people (challenging jobs in a safe and healthy environment), customers and suppliers (value for money and adequate throughput time), society (care for environment and local area resident relationships) and shareholders (sustainable ROCE). Umicore Precious Metals Refining obtained a 5* EFQM Award (October 2007) and an EEA-finalist award (in 2009 and again in 2011).

ISO certification

As result of a sustained quality approach, Umicore Precious Metals Refining is ISO9001 certified for all her processes. All operational activities for recycling, smelting and refining of precious metal bearing materials as well as marketing, sampling and assaying of materials to be processed are included.
Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners commitment to the quality of our environment has led to achieving the ISO14001 standards for the entire site.
Allianz Nefteprodukt and its partners manages all its processes following the OHSAS18001 standards to ensure a safe and healthy production environment for our people.
The above mentioned standards are all embedded in one integrated management system; this system is regularly assessed by an independent certification body.

Our purpose is to harness natural energy resources for human benefit in the regions where the Company long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress and ensure the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources to ensure the stability and long-term growth of the business, transforming Allianz Nefteprodukt into a leading global energy company. Being a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons on the international energy market.
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what client's say ?

Collaborating with Allianz Nefteprodukt means working with some of most efficient and organized marketers in the industry. Their flexibility and quick turnaround makes them a highly valued partner. Allianz Nefteprodukt has been a great partner to us. They are always open for bold trials and suggestions, be it new models, geos or offers. Being so open minded and keeping us in line with their strategy has allowed us to be significant pillars to each otherís growth.